Masters Of Colour:

Maurice Ravel and Marc Chagall



"As I listened to the music I just wanted to make the paint dance off the page."

Year 3 Student- Masters of Colour 2016


Enter the magical surreal child-like world of painter Marc Chagall and impressionist composer Maurice Ravel through the Masters of Colour Programme.

Masters of Colour explores the themes of colour, texture,  childhood and synaesthesia to develop and encourage creativity in workshop participants.

Workshops include listening to live music, studying the artwork of Marc Chagall and production of large scale musical and artistic compositions.

The Masters of Colour Programme is a brilliant introduction to classical music and great artwork and is tailored for children aged 6-9.

To find out more about how the Masters of Colour Programme would work in your school follow the contact us link below.

masters of colour make the paint dance.JPG