Who am I?

In October 2017 we ran our very first Who am I project? This project looks at the music and artwork of Anselm Kiefer and Dmitri Shostakovich.

We were joined by composer James Banner from Berlin, artist Lucy McGeown from the London Drawing Group and students and graduates from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. The musicians and artist worked with 70 children from a school in Gabalfa to explore the compositions of Kiefer and Shostakovich which started discussion about identity, repression and how we could communicate who we are through music and art. The children found Shostakovich's music shocking, calming and relaxing and talked about how it would feel to not be allowed to play or sing their favourite music.

Kiefer's sculptures made the children wonder how they were put together and how big they were in real life and both Shostakovich and Kiefer inspired the children to put themselves into their music and art work. The end result of the workshops were the children's sculptural painted boxes and the beginnings of a string quartet featuring the names of the children in the group.

There was some fantastic inspiring work done by the children during Who am I? 2017 and below is a poem written by one of our workshop participants.


My Poem
Why does
war come
to my home and
to the world
The distance
The pain
Why Why
does war come
— Year 5 student Who am I? 2017
Megan Jowett